Blog Title : Facebook or web site

  • Every business is on a tight budget these days. Without a presence on the web it is increasingly difficult to attract new and repeat business.

    It is so important not only to clearly state what you do but also to update this information regularly. The vast majority of businesses will elect to have a web site with a link to their facebook account.

    Recently I had an enquiry asking for a company to become visible on the web and it was not obvious which direction to take. The client had almost no IT skills and wanted me to do all the web site updates for him. Then I discovered his son was very aware about the internet and so we agreed that his son would do all the updating and in so doing the company became a father and son business which pleased the entire family.

    So deciding what direction to take when stating to advertise on the web is not always based on commercial criteria and in this case a new web site wil be going live shortly because the son liked the idea of being responsible for changing his web site content on a daily basis.