Blog Title : No budget for Marketing

  • Our country is experiencing a tough financial future and many businesses are finding it increasingly  difficult to attract new orders. Of course if you do not tell people about what you do then the chances of attracting new orders diminishes.


    When you are experiencing cash flow problems then inevitably your budget for training and marketing can be zero. This should not be a reason for doing nothing.


    You already have a customer base and this information is pure “gold” because around 20% of your repeat business comes will come from your current clients. They may well be experiencing the same financial future as yourself and so any new business you suggest to them really needs to be compelling and cost effective. You need to catch their eye and so a simple textual email may not be sufficient. There are free bulk email providers such as Mailchimp which you can use to create attractive looking emails. You can embed a video you take into your web site using Youtube ( again free ).


    Everyone knows just how difficult it is to run  a successful business and so it is worthwhile speaking to ohers about what they did at little cost to promote themselves. Sharing good ideas always makes sense.


    The most important message is ”do not despair”. Look at what you have to offer and see it it can be expressed in a new way to your current client base.


    Let me know what ideas you have and I will share them through my Blogs.